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Supported providers

We support a wide range of different IPFS providers. If you would like to integrate your provider, feel free to submit a pull request.


BLUMEN_FILEBASE_TOKEN for upload + pin is obtained by encoding access key and access secret to base64. Access key and access secret could be found in the Filebase console.

Filebase console

The easiest way to generate an S3 API token is using the base64 command:

echo "accessKey:accessSecret" | base64

New platform is more self-sovereign, so it requires a bit more work to set up.

First you have to install w3up cli:

npm i -g @web3-storage/w3cli
pnpm i -g @web3-storage/w3cli
bun i -g @web3-storage/w3cli

Then you need to login to your account:

Once log in is successful, you need to select your space. Grab the DID (the did:key:... string) from web console and run the following command:

w3 space use did:key:...

When both the account and the space are set up, you need to generate a unique private key. Later we'll need it to generate a proof (that gives us permit to upload files on

npx ucan-key ed
pnpx ucan-key ed
bunx ucan-key ed

Save this private key (which starts with Mg..) to an environment variable (BLUMEN_W3S_TOKEN).

You also need to create a delegation for the generated DID:

w3 delegation create <did_from_ucan-key_command_above> | base64

It's recommended to additionally supply --can 'store/add' --can 'upload/add' flags to the first command to limit access to only uploading files.

Save the command output in a BLUMEN_W3S_PROOF environment variable or save it to a file (that should not be uploaded!) and then read from it like this:

BLUMEN_W3S_PROOF=`cat proof.txt`